Alphabet Fluid Box (Cp2017 file)

A viewer of my YouTube channel asked how you could create a set of 26 fluid boxes that would contain a text object for each letter the alphabet for each fluid box. He wanted to start with three rows and for smaller screens they would wrap to produce more rows. Normally I would charge a viewer a small amount to produce this file, however I was curious if my knowledge of fluid boxes could produce what he described.

His response was "I see you used symmetrical wrap. It works good enough, but I was trying to achieve a different result. I would like to use a wrap to next row option. Then only one letter at the time jumps to the next row. But of course they can not be in one row one a desktop, I need them to start wrapping to three rows already from the beginning. I think now that fluid boxes just don't offer that much flexibility."

I wonder if he is aware that the wrapping is never seen by the end user since they are only looking at it from one device. As designers we are the only ones who see the wrapping process as we preview it. Perhaps he doesn't understand what fluid boxes produce. Anyway, rather than simply deleting the file, I thought I would put it up here on the web in case anyone needs something like this.