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YouTube Video Answer


Do you ever wish Paul could just show you the answer on his YouTube channel? Now you can ask a single question about how to do something with Adobe Captivate and Paul will answer with a public YouTube video addressing your question.

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Terms and Conditions

Each purchase gives you a single question answered publicly on YouTube. For example, “How do I create a multiple choice question where the feedback is a picture instead of words?”

Questions that are multiple parts or are a part of a much more complicated learning interaction do not qualify for this service. In such cases, my hourly rate will be required. If you purchase this video answer service and you need a much more involved consultation, your purchase will be refunded or can be applied to consulting services at my regular hourly rate.

This service is equivalent to 30 minutes of my hourly rate. While a video may only take 5 minutes to watch, it usually takes many hours to prepare.


Your purchase will go toward the production of a video answer hosted on YouTube. If you are unsatisfied with the video answer provided on YouTube, no refunds will be offered. The videos are made as-is without any warranty or guarantee. A return of your purchase is only available when there is no solution possible in Adobe Captivate to the question.