First Entry

I previously had another blog up and running for a number of years.  I switched from topic to topic as my feelings toward what was important in my life changed.  I've come to realize that my blog should be about what I have been passionate about for the greatest amount of time.  For me that is training.

Training has been a cornerstone to all that I have done in my life.  I may have been a manager or a sales person, but the common element for me has been training.  As a sales person the part of the job I loved the most was educating my customers about the potential products and services they could enjoy from my company.  As a manager I taught my staff everything I could for them to be better at what they do everyday.

In recent years I have come to realize that training is what I should be doing.  I have been an Instructional Designer and Trainer for over five years now and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.  To me this has been the most exciting and rewarding career I could have ever asked for.  When people ask me what I see myself doing in five years, my answer is always the same.  Training!

To me training is my passion and my life.  What better topic could I follow as I continue with my career as a training professional.