Can Music Teach More than Just Music?

I love the work that Symphony of Science does with their music.  I’m not certain if what they do teaches any science, however it probably reinforces learning that may have already occurred.  In either case I love these videos.  Here is once that I watched the other day:

Symphony of Science–the Quantum World

While it may not be for everyone, if you subscribe to the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner, this would be a great application of the musical intelligence.  He proposed that learners who respond to the musical intelligence learn best when there are elements of sound, rhythms and obviously music.

I also think this could be used as an example of informal learning as well.  Making corporate videos that narrate the key message of a company’s mission, vision, or values could be a great way to reinforce those messages.

If you want to see more examples of this type of song/video, search YouTube for Symphony of Science.