What Resolution Should I Use

From time to time I get this question about what resolution and for that matter, what aspect ratio should eLearning designers choose for their eLearning project. My expectation is that designers are hoping for a single super answer that will be applicable to all eLearning projects from now and into the future. The reality of the situation is there is no one single answer, however, I think I can offer some insight into this. 

When I begin an elearning project for a client, I start with a needs analysis. Included in that needs analysis is a technical needs analysis. For example, if everyone in the organization uses their desktop computer to complete their training and the stakeholder doesn't expect that to change any time soon, you should focus on a solution that is optimized for a desktop computer. If all their employees use iPhone 8 Pluses, then design for that size.

In this video tutorial, I show you an easy way to determine exactly what resolution you need to target for when designing for a particular device.