Adobe eLearning Conference

I know this article is somewhat last minute as there are only two weeks to go until the conference but I wanted to gather all my thoughts about this upcoming event and why I think you should go.

I'll just say it...

If you use Adobe Captivate every day, like I do, you have to be at this event. This conference will be discussing the future of eLearning at Adobe. You will learn things at this conference that were previously unknowable. This is especially true if you plan on attending my session. My session is called What's New in Adobe Captivate? I personally wouldn't have added the question mark because I would want people to expect answers from my session, not questions. Seeing as Adobe Captivate 9 has been out for over a year and a half you can guess what I'll be talking about. My session is one of the first sessions of the day, which I'm glad about. I like the idea of getting my stuff out of the way and then enjoying the rest of the day.

After my session, you will have a choice of learning about rapidly building mobile learning from fellow Canadian Phil Cowcill, the basic tenets of instructional design with Brian Duck, and getting into custom interactions with Joe Ganci. If I was going to pick just one of these events I would likely pick Joe's session but it might be a little more advanced for some.


After lunch, you will have an opportunity to learn about video-based eLearning from Damien Brundonckx. Don't worry I can't pronounce his last name either. He's from Belgium but a really great guy and very knowledgeable about Adobe products. 

You could also attend Anita Horsley as she talks about responsive design. She's awesome. I attribute half of my knowledge about Adobe Captivate responsive design to her. If your organization is making the switch or even thinking about switching to responsive design you will want to be in her session.

You might want to attend EJ LeBlanc's session on 3D game-based eLearning. I've read some of his stuff and listened to a podcast on what he's been up to recently and EJ is really cutting edge. He's the kind of guy who won't sit still. He's always trying to break and reinvent eLearning.

Once all the sessions are complete we will be getting back together as a larger group and listening to Tridib Roy Chowdhury speak. I've heard him before and he is very inspirational. He  leads the worldwide business for the Adobe eLearning Solutions and is like the Indian Steve Jobs as far as I'm concerned.