Adobe Learning Summit 2018

Once again I will be speaking at the Adobe Learning Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's conference is unique over past events in that the Learning Summit is no longer tied to another conference. Adobe has decided to take the training wheels off and go it alone. This gives Adobe the freedom to do what they have wanted to do for some time and offer the conference to attendees for absolutely free. The conference itself is from 8 AM until 5:15 PM on October 4th at the Hard Rock Hotel. Not only is registration free, but Adobe will be providing you breakfast, lunch, and even a post-conference cocktail reception as well.


In addition to the conference, Adobe is also running sessions of the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification program on the day before (October 3rd). The specialist program is ideal for learning and development professionals who are just getting started designing and developing eLearning. It's going to be a full day so don't party in Vegas too much the night before. You are required to bring your own laptop with Adobe Captivate 2019 installed. You can get the trial edition here is you don't already have it. After the days worth of hands-on training, there will be an online test that you must successfully complete in order to receive your Adobe Captivate Specialist certificate and badge the following day at the conference.


I will be one of the course facilitators for the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification so if you've wanted a face to face session where I teach you Adobe Captivate this is it. Remember you must register and there is a cost for this pre-conference activity so make sure you follow the link I've included at the bottom of this article.

On the day of the conference I will be conducting a session in the afternoon at 2:30 PM. My session is called C102: Create your first responsive eLearning course with Adobe Captivate and it's not to be missed. Especially if you want to get a jump start over your peers when it comes to responsive design. Now I know what some of you might be saying; "Yeah but Paul, less than 5 per cent of learners are accessing eLearning on mobile devices."


This is true for right now, and I suspect that this is also partly due to our LMSs only being set up on closed networks. But I've begun to notice that more and more of the mobile workforce are using devices other than laptops and computers. The person who fixed my washing machine earlier this year searched for and ordered parts, wrote up an invoice, and completed the payment using an iPad with cellular connectivity. This same employee doesn't want to come all the way back to the office to complete their mandatory compliance training. They want to do it at home or during a break at the coffee shop. I predict that within five years if you and I are not designing responsive design eLearning we will be losing jobs to our peers. Come to my session if you want to learn how to design for any screen out there.

Of course, I plan on attending many of the other sessions besides my own. You all know me from my YouTube videos, I would love to meet as many of you as I can. If there is a way that we can collaborate on an eLearning project or if you need me to provide you with some one-on-one training over and above what I will be providing at the conference, make sure we connect. I really enjoy meeting all of you at these live events. Many of my best clients started out as viewers of my YouTube channel.

Don't forget to register. While the conference is free, you still need to reserve your spot. A cool feature of this years conference website is you can add each session to your own schedule and download it into your calendar when you're done. I've already planned out all the sessions I will be attending. Also, don't forget the Adobe Captivate Specialists Certification on the day before. You can purchase and register for that using the same site as well.