Adobe Captivate Draft Video Tutorials

I recently took a trip for vacation and it reminded me of the urban legend about me and Adobe Captivate Draft. A couple of years ago, when Captivate Draft was first launched, I took my iPad with Captivate Draft with me on vacation. I used the application to get some ideas into what eventually became an Adobe Captivate project. The problem with new software is that you don't always discover enough about the application to fully share all the details about that new software. Seeing how it's been a couple of years, and I was away from my desk for a week, I decided to revisit this app and how to use it. Here is my latest tutorial on Adobe Captivate Draft.

Shortly after the creation of this video, I realized I hadn't covered the process of getting your Draft files from your iPad over to your computer and into Adobe Captivate. Here is that process for you.

Hope you enjoy both videos and find benefit in them.