The Good Old Show / Hide Technique

You know when you work directly with Adobe and are immersed in Adobe's software, you sometimes forget that not everyone has access to the latest version. I recently recorded a video on performing certain functions with multi state objects. I guess I just took it for granted that after a year in the marketplace, Adobe Captivate 9 would just be everywhere. I forget there are still many customers still working with the Captivate 8.

In this video I revisit an old technique that has been mostly supplanted by Adobe Captivate 9 and it's ability to give users direct access to multi state objects. In this video I show users how to take advantage of the good old show / hide technique to change the appearance of an object by substituting that object for another very similar object. I think we should keep these techniques in our back pocket as designers because they may still have some use under certain circumstances.