The Great Linkedin Purge of 2016

I’ve gone back and forth on this issue several times during my time with Linkedin, but I’ve decided to purge my contacts to just the people that I actually know. I’ll be going through the list and seeing who I recognize and if I come up with no memory of when I may have met this person, I will be removing them from my list. In the past I have accepted connection requests from people who have similar job titles, or people with the word recruitment or recruiter in their job title, but I’ve since changed my mind how Linkedin should be used. I think it’s a great tool to keep track of your business contacts, especially those who have gone on to other careers and organizations. I don’t feel it should be used to cold call or randomly litter the internet with your digital business cards.

Moving forward I will accept requests to connect with people I have actually met or done business with. Originally I thought I would accept requests from people with related job titles, but no. If someone cannot do enough research to actually connect with me through other means first, I will not accept blind requests to connect.