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I'm Starting to See Adobe Captivate 9 Differently

As I start my second week of working with Adobe Captivate 9, I'm beginning to see the software differently than when I first began testing it. Originally I was convinced that the new effects panel was going to be the clear winning feature for me. If you have had the misfortune of having to work in the effects panel in Captivate 8 or earlier, you would know what I'm talking about. You could only preview and work on one effect at a time, you could not add effects to grouped objects, the panel itself didn't play nice with the timeline and certainly couldn't be docked with the properties panel. Well the new effects panel is great, but my feelings for the new Captivate are actually affected by an entirely new and different feature.

I'm talking about multi state objects. For me this is becoming the real game changer. I have begun a series of experiments where I take either one of my old tutorials or one of my old projects and reimagine them by incorporating multi state objects. so far I have used them in a couple of ongoing projects I'm working on, plus I rerecorded several of my YouTube videos using this great new feature. Here are the videos for you to enjoy.

Of course, I want to be clear that the effects panel is great, the new knowledge check question slides are also great, I can't wait to get my hands on some SVG images as well. Wow, just the fact that I now have smooth round tripping with Audition is such a time saver, but I think multi state objects are the big win for Captivate 9 (at least for me they are).