Malcolm S. Knowles

I have started to read Malcolm S. Knowles, "The Adult Learner" so that I have first hand knowledge of what Professor Knowles was trying to share with his audience.  I have heard much about his six principles of adult learning from other training I have taken.  Obviously there must be more to his concepts, as the book is over 260 pages in length. Many of the courses on adult learning and instructional design have referenced Malcolm S. Knowles and his principles of adult learning.  I wanted to get this first hand for a change and read from the author's pages instead of only finding his name in bibliographies.

I have found in the past that using my blog as a method for taking notes while studying in school to be very effective.  So far I have read the Introduction and have found the language a little challenging.  Perhaps taking notes on the subject may allow me to put his thoughts into my own words.  Of course I am primarily reading his work for myself and my own career as a training professional.  I am also a fan of sharing of knowledge; anyone reading this blog may benefit by what I learn as well.