Adobe Captivate

I was first introduced to Adobe Captivate when version two was still new.  Our instructional design team was switching from our previous authoring tool to Captivate while I was away conducting some classroom training out west.  Because of this I missed the training that our manager arranged for us.  I got back from the training and started to play around with the software.  It wasn’t quite as intuitive as PowerPoint, but close.  After a few days I found myself creating e-learning at a surprisingly quick rate.  As a team we relied heavily on Captivate for a year or two.  At which point we switched to another authoring tool to coincide with a new LMS launch.

Fast forward three or four years to today.  I have just opened up version five of Captivate which came as part of the Adobe E-Learning Suite I purchased a few months back.  It’s funny that the software is somewhat like riding a bike.  It’s been years but it’s all coming back to me.  There is very little that this software cannot do.  I’m so please to have my own copy of the Adobe E-Learning Suite.  It really has everything I could ever be asked to do as an Instructional Designer.