5 Things to Never Put in eLearning

Actual employees

When you use photographs or videos of actual company employees, you run several risks.  When that employee is fired for stealing money out of the petty cash fund, your eLearning will suddenly look very inappropriate.

Content you don’t own the rights to

Whether you are a contractor or an employee, this could get you in hot water when the actual content owner decides to sue the company or you. Watch the video below to learn how you can embed a YouTube video into your course and avoid the risk of using someone else's intellectual property.

Pop Culture References

No matter how popular the pop culture reference is, there will always be one or two people who don’t understand it. This will alienate your audience.

Humour (in bad taste)

Similar to the pop culture reference, you run the risk of alienating anyone for who the humour goes over their head.  Not to mention the problems you might face if your joke actually offends one or more from your audience.

Optional content

Online learning should be clear and concise.  Any nice to have’s are simply wasting your audiences time.  Stick to the learning objectives, and if you do put optional content in the course, clearly mark it as something that can be skipped.