Offer Office 2013 Training To Your Employees Right Now

For those of you who are not aware, Microsoft provides the Office suite of products available to employees of corporations who subscribe to Microsoft’s volume license agreements.  The idea is that if you make the software available to employees for a really great price for their home PCs, they will learn how to use the software at home on their own time.  This keeps the cost of training for an organization low, and keeps the workforce up to date on the latest software.  This is a really good example of informal learning.

I was listening to one of my favourite tech podcasts, Windows Weekly, when I heard mention that the Home Use Program for Office 2013 was already available.  I checked my company’s HUP website and sure enough, Office 2013 was available to purchase.  I believe in the United States it sells through this program for $10; In Canada it sells for $11.

If you are responsible for Office training in your organization, check with your IT department if you have access to this great program.  It’s a excellent way to get employees comfortable with the newest office software.