I'm Not Sure You Realize the Importance of SVG in Captivate

One of the problems with responsive design is that you can have between three and five breakpoints in Adobe Captivate 9. Breakpoints are the resolutions where your captivate course crosses over from one page design to another. For example from a Desktop dimension to a tablet dimension. Each time this happens your images on your page are altered.

When you are dealing with a high resolution image this isn't a big deal, but imagine if you selected a smaller image size based on the tablet screen size or the phone. You might have to skew the size of an image when heading over to the desktop. With SVG it literally doesn't matter what size that image is resized to. There will never be a degradation of quality.

The interesting part is that SVG also keeps the file size down as well. Why is that important? Think about your typical Adobe Captivate project size with all the jpgs and gif images. Image what smaller graphic files will do to your project file and for that matter, your published work as well. Think about it.