How Did I Start Making YouTube Videos

While I don't believe in learning styles, I do believe people have preferences in how they might want to learn something. I myself prefer watching someone else perform a task and then repeat those steps building my muscle memory for those steps. For example, about once per year, I found it necessary to remove the background from an image. I bookmarked this video created by Dr Allen Partridge, from the Adobe eLearning team. 

This video inspired me to start making my own YouTube videos. Of course, at the beginning of my YouTube channel, there were 6 subscribers (one might have been my mother), so really the first videos on my channel were really just for me. One reason was that when I figured something out in Adobe Captivate, I would worry that I would forget what I did.

This week I decided to update Allen's video to include the latest version of Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop as a way of honouring his influence over my YouTube career and my decision to start my own freelance eLearning design and development business. Thanks Allen!