Adobe Captivate - Slide Audio Three Ways

In this video tutorial, I show you the three ways you can import your slide audio for your Adobe Captivate eLearning project. 

The first method is one to one with the slide. For example, your voice talent may provide you with an audio recording for each of your slides. Of course, this is ideal as you can import one file per slide easily enough. 

Sometimes you may have forgotten to mention to the voice talent that one recording per slide would be ideal and they provide you with a single audio recording for the entire project. Not to worry, in this case, there is an option where you can mark the narration by the slides as you're importing and therefore quickly get the right narration for each slide. 

The third option allows you to maintain the duration of each slide and merely span the audio across multiple slides. This is probably more ideal when you have a certain number of slides and you want the audio to span across them somewhat equally. As you will learn though, the final slide will get whatever is left, and it may not be 100% equal with all the other slides.