Adobe Learning Summit

The Adobe Learning Summit at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada is fast approaching and I’m really looking forward to it. The Adobe Learning Summit is held at the MGM Grand Conference Center, part of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The Adobe Learning Summit is a concurrent event held alongside the eLearning Guilds DevLearn conference, which is also held at the MGM Grand hotel. If you want to go and haven’t already signed up you can do so here.

This is my first Adobe Learning Summit and only my second Adobe sponsored conference. The first was the Adobe eLearning Conference held in the spring of this year, in Washington D.C. At this conference, I will be conducting a session entitled Create mLearning in 60 Minutes where I will review the techniques for integrating location-based technology into your Adobe Captivate eLearning and specifically mLearning projects. I will be sharing many of my secrets for not only preparing for rapid development but also how to design with mobile in mind.

One of the advantages of being asked to conduct a session at Adobe Learning Summit is that I will get to enjoy all the event has to offer as well. There are four tracks that are occurring simultaneously throughout the day. There is the Design & Authoring track, which my session is a part of; the eLearning Strategy track, which focuses on strategies that make your eLearning projects effective; the Hands-on track, where participants get hands-on experience with the applications from Adobe; and lastly the Future of eLearning, which addresses more of the bleeding edge of where the technology is taking us. My session is only an hour long so I have to decide what to participate in for the remainder of the day. Of course, I would love to have the time to see everything, however, that would require that I clone myself or get everyone to agree to come to my house and present their sessions all over again.

In the morning there will be the usual stuff like registration, a little continental breakfast and a kickoff with some opening notes, however right after all that will be the Keynote from Dan Lyons who will speak about his learning from a year in start-up hell. This will be in the grand ballroom and I’m looking forward to learning from him. I myself am around the year and a half mark with my freelance business and I still have many questions that are presently unanswered. Perhaps I’ll get some insight.

After Dan Lyons will be a thirty-minute session on what’s new from Adobe. There are some rumours that we will learn about the next release of Adobe Captivate. I’m not sure if this is when we will learn those details but I will be there to gather as much information as I can.

From 10:00 AM until 11:00 I have a choice between Storyboarding Essentials for Better Course Design with Sarah Gilbert, Gamify the Learner Experience with Lucas Blair, or the Modern LMS: Smart, Simple, Self-service with Jesse Novak. Alternatively, if I’m willing to dedicate my whole morning to it, I could also join my friends Anita Horsley and Pooja Jaisingh for their hands-on session Get the Best out of Adobe Captivate. I can’t decide but you can bet you will see me in one of these sessions.

From 11:15 AM until lunch time I can also choose between Make the Best Use of Multimedia Assets with Andrew Scivally, Foster a Learning Culture with Allen Partridge, or Interactive Video Learning: The Next Big Thing with Steve Haskin. I have to admit that I’m most interested in how to foster a learning culture. I know this is something one of my previous employers struggled with and I know that Allen is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing, however, I’m very interested in the use of multi-media in learning so Andrew and Steve are giving Allen some stiff competition. I’m just not sure.

After lunch, I will obviously be in my own session on the previously mentioned techniques on mLearning but if this doesn’t interest you, I totally understand if you want to check out Learner Evaluation Strategies with Jane Bozarth, Microlearning: Small Bytes, Big Returns with Ray Jimenez. In addition, fellow Canadian Phil Cowcill, and one of my eLearning heroes Joe Ganci will be conducting a hands-on session called Build Custom Interactions Using Advanced Actions, Variables, and JavaScript, which promises to allow you to get your hands dirty (in a good way).

In the last set of sessions, you can also pick up some great skills from my friend Damien Bruyndonckx who will be conducting a session called Ten Design Hacks with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Captivate. In addition, there will be a session called Putting Mobile at the Center of Your Learning Strategy with Robert Gadd, and once again my friend Pooja Jaisingh will be addressing shrinking attention spans in her session.

We will all regroup in the Grand Ballroom at the Conference Center and hear once again from Allen Partridge with a tech sneak peek. It’s my guess that this is when we might learn something about the next version of Adobe Captivate. Followed by a closing session, likely with more people from the Adobe eLearning team. My guess is this is where you may get some time for questions and answers.

I’m really looking forward to getting together with all my Adobe Captivate friends and making some new friends. I hope to see you all there.