Designing with Fluid Boxes

I had some people comment that I hadn't created a tutorial on building a fluid box drag and drop interaction. I suppose they were looking for a master slide for a drag and drop interaction, similar to what you would find for quiz questions. I understand the confusion. It's important to understand that Adobe doesn't treat drag and drop like other question slides, regardless of what we might think about that. 

Anyway, I took up the call to action and created the tutorial based on what I think needs to be setup. Of course, some people might think I've done some things wrong or they would have made different choices. I encourage that you take what I've done and built upon it. That's what a community is all about. Feel free to share your comments on this process and let me know if you would do something differently.

I think the most important aspect of designing fluid box projects in Adobe Captivate is your planning stage. When I started to play around with fluid boxes after the launch of Captivate 2017, I quickly learned that the fluid box wasn't something you were just going to experiment with until you got it right. It requires planning. Whether you storyboard it or just spend time in a temporary project experimenting until you have what you want. My advice is to know what you want out of each of your slides before you start developing.

That's what this video above is all about. I knew what I wanted from this slide before I began the video and was able to quickly build it. What you're not seeing are the hours I spent preparing to create this video by planning all the aspects of each fluid box.

I'm already planning a part II for this video where I take it to the next level and build a custom feedback capability so that it isn't just your run of the mill drag and drop. Stay tuned.