Captivate 9 - Still Relevant

I'm seeing several people on the Adobe eLearning Community and my own YouTube channel who are upset that they don't qualify for the complimentary upgrade to Adobe Captivate 2017. You would qualify for the complimentary upgrade if you purchased Adobe Captivate 9 very recently. I don't have the exact time frame in front of me but it's approximately 1 month or less. You can check your eligibility here:

When I purchased Captivate 7, I did so very late in the Captivate 7 product life cycle. So late in fact that less than 30 days after I purchased version 7, Captivate 8 was launched. I reached out to the Adobe eLearning team and asked if I would be eligible to receive a complimentary license upgrade. I was pleased to learn that I was and former eLearning evangelist Pooja Jaisingh arranged to get me a new license key for version 8.

If you fall outside of the eligibility, please remember that if you are using Adobe Captivate 9 or even Adobe Captivate 8 you still have an incredible piece of software that is capable of producing some amazing eLearning. Sure there are some great new features in Captivate 2017 and I'm looking forward to using most of them. Several of my clients will not be ready for Captivate 2017 for some time. I will continue to develop content for them in Captivate 9 as I need to maintain compatibility with the software that they are still using. Try not to fret too much.