Other Ways of Doing Things

I recently was helping a client work on their Adobe Captivate eLearning project and she had a sequence question. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I used a sequence question. I believe the first time I attempted to use one I just felt that the user experience was so poor that I quickly figured out alternative ways to accomplish the same thing. Here is one of them.

When I first figured out how to add drag and drop questions to an Adobe Captivate project it was using the Drag and Drop widget by INFOsemantics. I no longer use the widget as Captivate now has drag and drop built in and the INFOsemantics widget will not publish to HTML5. Still, it served its purpose for me for many years.

Here is how I do sequence questions now...

On an unrelated note, INFOsemantics has been in the Captivate news recently with their CPExtra widget. I asked owner Rod Ward for a trial copy so I could review it on my YouTube channel. He didn't reply to my request so I have not created such a video. He seems to be getting testimonials from happy customers so I it seems that he and his son Tristan are on to something. I’ve watched several of the videos they have put together on the widget and I have to say I’m not entirely sure what problems this widget solves for me. I just don’t really understand what this thing does.

At present I’m very happy with all the capabilities of Adobe Captivate in version 9.0.1 and I suspect that the days of widgets are probably soon to be over.