Adobe Captivate - Custom Messages for Quiz Reviews

I'm not sure some of the requests that I get to produce YouTube videos make a lot of sense. I recently got a request to have customized messages on each quiz question during the quiz reviews. While this is entirely possible as you can see from the video I created below, I'm not sure it's necessary nor would you necessarily want it.

Of course my assumption is that you are designing eLearning for an adult employee type audience. I honestly have no idea how each subscriber to my channel uses Captivate, but that is essentially what I use it for. I think it's important that we remember that we are not trying to trick our learners into selected the wrong answer, anymore than we should not be giving the answers away. Remember that the purpose of an evaluation at the end or during training is to test if our learners are ready to perform these taught tasks on their own. For example, If I'm testing an employee's ability to react to an emergency situation, I want them to synthesize, based on what I taught them in the course, what the correct behaviour should be. They should have to rely on hints from an instructor who isn't with them on the work site.

Here is the video that shows you how you can provide custom messages during a quiz review in Adobe Captivate.